“Roots Yoga Studio was born of the idea that a group of people practicing yoga together could be instrumental in the shaping of a neighborhood.”

We couldn’t agree more! This yoga studio has been open in Spring Arts for 2 years offers an array of classes for yogis of all levels. They have new summer specials listed on their website: 3 classes for $25 or $49 for one month of unlimited yoga!

The most exciting news coming from this studio is that they will be teaching classes in the Pop Up Garden on Fridays throughout the summer! Starting this week, Erik is teaching a mid-day stretch in the outdoor space at 10th and Hamilton Streets. Is there a better way to kick off a Summer Friday?!?

Roots Yoga Studio Storefront
Namaste all day at the Spring Arts Pop Up
Erik from Roots Yoga at the entrance of the Spring Arts Pop Up

Roots specializes in Ashtanga Yoga- this practice is about more than the postures. “Ashtanga” is Sanskrit for “8 limbs” which refers to different components that complete the yoga practice.

Sanskrit English
Yama moral codes
Niyama self-purification and study
Asana posture
Pranayama breath control
Pratyahara withdrawing of the mind from the senses
Dharana concentration
Dhyana deep meditation
Samadhi Union with the object of meditation