Kelly Ray and Lesley Mitchell are Philadelphia-based social ballroom dance teachers with extensive training in folkdance, character dance, modern and ballet as well social partner dance.

But perhaps what they are best known for is their Argentine Tango lessons and milongas.

Sign in for Friday Night Milonga at Dance Philadelphia Studio in the Spring Arts neighborhood

Sosena Solomon, a documentarian and artist living and working in the Spring Arts community had a unique opportunity to dig deeper into the tango culture Dance Philadelphia offers. This video captures a glimpse of the intimate moments this community shares.

In a special interview with Lesley Mitchell, Sosena uncovered some of the history of the space, the parties and the “secret society” that has grown from their love of dance.

Tango dancers share a moment during la Milonga en Casa at Dance Philadelphia Studio in Spring Arts.

“There are people whose motivation is purely to dance and it will be upset if they don’t get to dance enough and there are people whose motivation is to socialize and people whose motivation is to find a mate!

People are drawn to this because it does contain within it the chance to be physical and close without strings and without commitment and that’s perfectly okay because you’re expected to dance in an embrace and it’s regulated and it’s safe.

There’s music and dancing and food and what’s so wrong with that?”
-Lesley Mitchell

A glimpse of the dizzying effects of tango dancing in Spring Arts Philadelphia.