Little Giant Creative’s latest and very dear project Gather Food Hall is an outdoor community hub that is addressing student food insecurity with a shame-free POS system but at the end of the day is a really cool place for everyone to get some affordable, delicious food by local food entrepreneurs. Everyone can get a full meal @ $5 and up. Additionally, the space will be filled with fragrant, lush herbs and plants and picnic benches if you want to stay to eat if you’re in between classes, meetings or just have some time. There’ll be some great digital programming to include color therapy, making a healthy meal with convenience store ingredients and matching spices with emotional states and more. Lastly, we will be having a fun opening party (digital) filled with rooms to meet the vendors, learn about our point of sales system and get a tarot card reading which will garner you an herb best suited for your needs the first time you come to Gather.