Spring Garden is a Philadelphia public elementary school located at 11th and Melon Streets. The school, which serves a largely low-income population, has a lot of great things going for it but is also extremely resource-strapped. Our group, (which includes the principal, teachers, the head of the parent/teacher organization and community members) is dedicated to supporting the school in projects that the principal would otherwise be unable to pull together due to financial constraints.

We are having an event at Triple Bottom Brewing on December 5th at 6 PM. Triple Bottom Brewing has agreed to donate $1 to the Friends of Spring Garden School for each pint of beer sold. We hope you will join us at this informal gathering to learn more about the work we are doing (and if not for that reason, then please come because we would love to see you). Of course, please bring any friends who would like to join.

Hope to see you on December 5.

Fundraiser supporting Friends of Spring Garden School