Last week during a City-wide shut down of all non-essential businesses,  Spring Arts got a series of artist installations sharing messages of hope during COVID-19. Local artist and curator Mark Strandquist from The Village of Arts and Humanities just up the road had an idea, that we could build community even while we’re apart by crowd sourcing art sharing messages of togetherness and installing them in a public place for everyone to enjoy while social distancing is still the norm.
“What you’re seeing is empty businesses, empty schools, empty playgrounds. What is the emotional toll that takes?” Strandquist said. But as artists, he and his friends also couldn’t help noticing that all those plywood boards looked a lot like blank canvases. It gave them an idea, he said: “How can we replace some of that emptiness with images of hope, resilience, anger, and also dreams of a future that is hopefully not far off?”

Read more here: and check it out live @ 1124 Spring Garden and @ Asian Arts Initiative