I hope to encourage artists, small businesses, restaurants and more make connections to charitable organizations, and for the organizations to send out to their communities about the good deeds of their supporters. Please take a look at the attached information. If you like this, and think anyone in your communities could benefit from this model, please forward this email.
Attached images and information you could use for you Social Media & Websites & Emails.
If you need anything else that would help, please let me know.
– is being created now with links to your websites, social media, your charitable org and your OPPORTUNITY (just added that column in the FORM) The website will be ready by June 5th, in time to promote over the weekend in preparation to launch on June 10th.
– Attached a growing list of Charitable Organizations for your reference. When you add new information to the GOOGLE FORM in the OTHER sections, I will be adding that info to the website to better reflect your mission, your opportunities, and your selected charitable organizations.
Remember to reach out to your Charitable Organization about this opportunity.
And, please make sure to fill out this Google Form to get your information on the website: