History is something that’s been written in a book. With the Spring Arts district, it’s our intention to write another. The history of Philadelphia’s Callowhill neighborhood is the history of industrial revolution in America. Mostly farmlands until the mid-19th century, it quickly became the booming manufacturing center of Philadelphia.

If the city needed it, we made it here. This is our Detroit, a place where we made things, once abandoned only to be rediscovered by a new generation eager to dream, build, create, and share.

Just like the long-forgotten taverns and public houses that existed in this very neighborhood, Spring Arts isn’t just a place where products are made, it’s a place where ideas are born. The Declaration of Independence was written among friends, over drinks, in our city. What shall we declare next?

A neighborhood is more than the sum of its parts, and the Spring Arts community’s goal is to foster the synergy that exists between creative kindred spirits.

Every artist needs their tools; it’s our aim to be both the canvas and the brush.

All we need…is you.